Latino Civic Alliance (LCA) is a statewide 501c.3  organization that promotes advocacy and civic engagement in Washington State by encouraging social responsibility and public service. LCA facilitates community and state based advocacy for Latino/as.  We collaborate with the community to improve the public good on the local, state and national level. LCA advocates on a solution basis and seeks to foster opportunities for meaningful and reciprocal relationships between political representation and the community.

When you vote you make your voice count. For almost everything you buy in Washington, you pay taxes. While our senators and representatives will decide what the money gets spent out, it's tax payers who will hold them accountable and let them know what matters. Besides voting, there are other ways to participate in civic engagement, even when you are not eligible to vote.

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By attending 2020 Latino Legislative Day you will be attending the largest Latino political platform. At the event you will meet with your legislators to discuss issues impacting your communities. You will also have to opportunity to meet with respected state officials. Participants are given the option of attending policy sessions on small business, education, healthcare, housing, farm worker rights, economic development and juvenile justice and public safety.

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Olympia WA. 5.7.2020. Washington state-wide organizations, faith-based groups, and Tribes join forces with Latino Civic Alliance (LCA) to request that the Governor and State Legislature do more to protect Ag Workers. The State must have a strong enforcement program to deal with those who do not comply with workplace standards.    

      “The Puyallup Tribe stands with our friends at the Latino Civic Alliance in calling upon the governor, the Legislature and state agencies to make agricultural worker health and safety a priority. As the original workers of these sacred lands and seas, our people worked in the fields and on the waters for generations to provide food for our families and our communities. We understand the important role agricultural workers play in our economies and our everyday wellbeing, and that is why we are pleased to lend our support to the LCA in ensuring Ag workers are adequately protected.

-Tim Reynon, JD, BSW and member of the Puyallup Tribal Council

       "Judaism commands us to protect, support, and sustain life at all costs. We must actively pursue dignity and justice for all people – regardless of their identity or background. The Jewish Federation will work to ensure that the safety of farmworkers and their families is a top priority in our state, and that farmworkers are afforded the same basic rights and supports that all other essential workers here have – during this global pandemic and beyond." — Nancy B. Greer, President and CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle

    "As followers of Christ we have an obligation to stand with farm workers and their families, during this crisis, and in the coming months when we start on the road to recovery. Today we ask how are the children, do they have a roof over their head, food on the table, health care, running water, and access to education? The Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Church of Christ is asking people of faith to stand with Latino Civic Alliance to bring protections for farm workers, and security to their families." Rev. Mike Denton, Conference Minister




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