Lilia Hueso, Board Member

High School Counselor,

Eastern WA

Leslie Cushman,

LCA Policy Adviser


Gloria Burton,  Board Member

Catholic Housing Services

Our Board CHAIR,

Nina Martinez

2005 - Hispanic Legislative Day is formed by a group of leaders to create a political platform in Olympia that would represent Latinos in our Washington State.

2007 - In 2007 the board of directors voted to  change the name to "The Washington State Hispanic/Latino Legislative Organization". Later the Board of Directors voted to change the name to the "Latino Civic Alliance" (LCA), to more accurately reflect the efforts to get the Latino community civically engaged and to provide civic education.

2010-LCA expands its Board of Directors due to US Census and growth of Latinos in WA State

2014 - LCA is appointed by Governor Inslee to Farm Work Group task force to address Agriculture/labor issues in WA state

2015Latino Legislative Day celebrates its 10 year anniversary. Over 2000 supporters arrive to Olympia. Special recognition to veterans and Latino leaders.

2016 - 

LCA creates new marketing campaign due to organization high growth and create strategic plan. LCA leadership think tank is formed. 


LCA appointed to serve on legislative joint task force community policing in WA.


LCA is part of Initiative 940 Leadership Team that successfully changes Washington State Law Enforcement Use of deadly Force - Historic accomplishment in our state. National recognition for this effort. 


LCA leads legislation efforts to change Hate Crimes in Washington State. LCA appointed to Governors Hate Crimes Work Group to identify solutions. 

LCA leads state efforts working with Elected Officials, Educators, Law Enforcement Prevention & Intervention Programs to address youth on youth violence, criminal enterprises, This work will be on going. 

2020 LCA appointed to Governor Inslee's work Group "Keep Washington Working Act" that addresses the immigrant work force in Washington State. Legislation has received national attention. 

2020  LCA appointed to Governor Inslee task force to address Police use of deadly force and independent Investigations in Washington State.

Ana Guiza-Lopez

LCA Board Member 

Education  K-12

​Yakima County

Larry Sanchez, Board Member, Retired Deputy Sheriff,

Grant County

Sandra Rodarte, Auburn WA

Board Treasurer,

organization Highlights


Our civic engagement program recently got the attention of state legislators and  civic leaders.  Leadership Development Program.

Jorge Galindo, Board Member

Youth Leadership

Development Coach 

Jorge Banuelos

LCA Adviser

Technology & Data Consultant

Agustin Lopez

Yakima County

Farmworker Rights


Healthcare, Small Business, Education, Public Safety, Immigration, Labor, Farmworkers, Housing

Chris Paredes,

Board Member, 


Heidi Marroguin,

Board Secretary, 

Moses Lake WA

Stephanie Plascencia

LCA Board Member

PR Relations

Enrique Lopez, 

Board Member

Skagit School Board


More than 10,000 people support us each year and make the difference in the lives of our communities.

Claudia D'Allegri, Board Member, 

Chief of  Behavorial Health, Sea Mar Community Centers

LCA Board members & Advisers

Jimmy Matta,

Vice Chair

Burien WA

"Dear Supporters, Please join us for 2020 Latino Legislative Day  in Olympia on Feb 10, 2020. For the last 15 years, the success of Latino Legislative Day has been the result of the thousands of stakeholders, organizations serving our communities, and sponsors of this important civic engagement event believing that working together creates positive change. Every year we advocate for legislation that improves our communities or oppose policies that are harmful.  We must initiate and foster transparent dialogue locally with city/county officials and in Olympia with legislators regardless of their political affiliation to ensure that the issues of our communities are well understood and successful resolutions occur.  We have a civic responsibility to vote and elect representatives that believe in fairness, and will support policies that benefit Latino communities; if not, we have the influence to elect those that will. The growth of Latinos and financial contribution in local economies signifies that Latinos impact the future of this state" - Nina Martinez